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Choose Your Engineer


We understand how important it is to work with an engineer you feel comfortable with. Studio631 is composed of a variety of established engineers and producers. 

Each one of us have a niche in the music business. We are all from different walks of life but have found common ground in this musical ecosystem.


As a team we are able to stay consistent and by using our creative skills we are able to share our experience with others. At Studio631 we provide a safe, comfortable and creative work environment for all artists to feel at home. We hope you can join us soon! 

Matt Echo

As a seasoned engineer he has a reputation for being hardworking with an unparalleled meticulous

attention to detail. Many clients have described him as "instrumental" during the process of completing a record.

Henny Track Studio C

Henny is a skilled audio engineer hailing from Long Island, NY, who embarked on his career in 2015 after attending Five Towns College. With a strong passion for music and a keen ear detail, Henny has worked with esteemed artists such as Dave East, Jim Jones, Famous Dex, G Herbo and has collaborated alongside Harry Fraud and the SRFSCHL team. 

Niko Studio C

Niko is an audio engineer/producer and Co-owner of Studio 631. He is very familiar in multiple styles of music and get your project the finishing touches it deserves. Credits included - Drama Relax, Jaaxx, Remedee, Ksubi. 


Juan, a talented audio engineer from Long Island, NY, is passionate about bringing music to life. With professional experience since 2015, he specializes in mixing and mastering using Pro Tools and has worked with notable artists like Famous Dex, Dave East, Lil Migo, and YK Osiris across genres such as hip hop, pop, R&B and reggeaton.   

Don Diego Studio C_edited.jpg

Audio Engineer/Producer that enjoys the feeling music gives people. I appreciate working with new artists trying to build their sound from the ground up! I believe in Quality Over Quantity. 

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