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Our studios are specifically designed for the best sound quality. In all of our rooms we provide a creative, ambient space for artists to express themselves and feel comfortable. At Studio631 we have 3 room options to choose from. When you book a session, each room includes an engineer, the gear and any instruments in the room. Studios A, B, and C  have different price points based on the equipment in the studio and creative space

Terms and Conditions 

1) The Studio will provide studio time and the services of a recording engineer for the duration required by the Client (unless instructed otherwise). Any additional time required for providing Studio services, including, but not limited to, mixing, mastering, creating additional versions, stems and adding to or modifying tracks require additional fees.


2) The Client is responsible for all amounts due and shall make payments to the Studio by cash or credit/debit by the end of the session. Any additional charges incurred must be paid on the completion of the recording session. The Client is responsible for any and all  legal costs and attorney’s fees required to collect payment for any services rendered.


3) If the Client arrives late for a scheduled session, he will be responsible for payment of the period of time he was scheduled and the time will not be extended. This amount includes payment for a sound engineer, if included on the booking agreement. If the Client is late in excess of 15 minutes, the Studio reserves the right to cancel the session and the Client forfeits all deposits.


4) Studio “Time” includes set-up, break-down, breaks taken by the Client/Artists and engineer. For sessions lasting 8 hours and longer, the engineer will be entitled to a 30 minute meal break per session. All such time is on-the-clock.


5) When Studio session/rental is booked,  the time the Client has requested is then reserved for the Client and becomes unavailable for others to rent, If the Client chooses to end the session early, the Client will still be responsible for payment for the entire time in which they have reserved. The Client will not be entitled to a refund or credit if they choose not to utilize the time reserved in its entirety.


6) The Client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the Studio or the Studio’s property that is caused as a direct result of misuse, negligence and/or careless actions by the Client or any part of the Client’s party.


7) The Client shall maintain sole responsibility for all personal items brought to the Studio. The Studio itself holds no liability for any of the Client's personal property that is lost or stolen while on Studio grounds.


8) The Client hereby releases the Studio from any liability for  harm or damage that may occur to property, equipment or persons in Client’s party  while on Studio grounds. 


9) Any violation of these terms and conditions by the Client or any member of the Client’s party is grounds for immediate termination of this agreement. At such time that this agreement is terminated, Client and all persons included in Client’s party shall be escorted from the property and the Client forfeits all deposits already paid to the Studio. Client will then be banned from use of the Studio’s facilities, including all Sister Recording Studios. The Studio or Studio Representative reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and/or determine when a violation of these terms has occurred.

10) This constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and the Studio. Any changes must be in writing, signed and agreed upon by both parties. By entering into a booking agreement, the Client confirms that they have read, and fully understands the terms and conditions and does hereby agree to all provisions.

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