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To The Professional Recordings Process 

Phase 1: Recording!

Also known as Tracking, this is the funnest part for the artist and is where the artist has the ability to be most creative! This is where both Artist and Engineer are in the studio collaborating in the tracking process!  


Phase 2: Mixing 

After the song is recorded, we move on to mixing! Mixing is the process of combining all the tracks from our recording session and making them work together. With Editing, Effects and Other Tools we are able to manipulate the audio and work on the sonic structure of your song! 

(Simply, Mixing deals with the Quality side of what we recorded :)

Phase 3: Mastering

Mastering is the final stage to the recording process and deals most with loudness, width and consistency between songs.  

(Remember: The better your mix sounds, the better your final master will sound!)

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